Empowerment and Options, LLC


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Services Provided

Empowerment and Options, LLC provides services, education and training in the following areas:

  1. Cooking;
  2. Cleaning;
  3. Shopping in natural environments;
  4. Menu planning;
  5. Meal preparation;
  6. Money management, including check cashing and purchasing items;
  7. Personal health and hygiene;
  8. Self-advocacy training and individual rights;
  9. Independent recreation and participation in natural environments;
  10. Use of medical and dental services, as well as other community resources;
  11. Community resource awareness such as police, fire, or emergency help;
  12. Home and community safety;
  13. Mobility Training in the community, and
  14. Monitoring medication intake by role playing with individual is vital for Empowerment and Options, LLC instruction. Individuals will learn how to place medications in pill boxes for daily doses, how many times a day medication should be taken and how to take or call in prescriptions to a pharmacy for refills. Most important of training is teaching individuals how to dispose of medication that has already expired.