Empowerment and Options, LLC

Direct Support Professional


Supported Living Services provided by Empowerment and Options, LLC Direct Support Professionals stress educational and training in the activities of daily living, self-advocacy, adaptive and social skills, money management, being able to tell time, cooking skills and most importantly health and safety issues. The service expectation is to achieve the outcomes (goals) defined by each individual and to attain and support participation in less restrictive settings.

Direct Support Professionals will train individuals in activities and routines established by Empowerment and Options, LLC program. The training will be meaningful to the individual and provide an appropriate level of variation and interest. This training is provided in accordance with a formal ISP plan, developed under the direction of the individual, reflecting their goal(s) from the current ISP support plan provided by the Westside Regional Center service coordinator.

Services are also provided in the community if the activity is reflected in the individualís support plan and included in the ISP plan. (Individual Support Plan) Supported Living services will be provided as an adjunct to other services included on an individualís support and cost plan.

Direct Support Professionals will provide services to an individual at the hours and days stated on the ISP, structured. The Direct Support Professionals shall render services at a time mutually agreed to by the individual and the service provider. This will allow an individual the flexibility to determine when, where and how that service will be provided.

Empowerment and Options, LLC Direct Support Professionals will attend to the number of individuals they are assigned.